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As it stands, of all the many popular online casino games in operation today, blackjack game remains one of the most patronized casino games- it is the most played of all time. Among its players, Blackjack is also commonly referred to as twenty-one. This alias is as a result of the decisive role the number plays concerning the game’s objective.

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blackjack online

Blackjack is a type of game that is offered by virtually every casino resort you might encounter worldwide. Its extensive presence has contributed to players’ convenience- players can access, enjoy, and conveniently play the game anywhere they find themselves in the world.

The popularity of the game is attributable to Its current online presence and the fact that it can be won by players who have the right knowledge and skills.  Although of all the casino games, blackjack game requires the most expertise and preparation, despite that, players can be assured all their efforts will pay off—the more a player practices the game, the higher his chances of winning.

Why Playing Blackjack for Real Money is More Fun Than Free Version

It is usually essential that a player knows and understands the difference between playing Blackjack for real money and playing the free Blackjack online before betting. While the free online blackjack game offers its players the privilege to play at their comfort without the fear of encountering losses, Blackjack’s real fun comes when you stake some amount of money to win real money in return. At the same time, you get to experience the actual casino event.

Also, the time limit in free Blackjack online is quite low, and the game is computer-controlled. You’ll only be allowed a maximum of 1 hour per session, after which the computer shuts you out to start all over again, invariably, this translates to a limited fun time. However, the case is otherwise in playing Blackjack for real money- there are no time restrictions, you are allowed to play as much as you want.

Moreover, most online casinos intentionally improve odds for the players while playing for free online. The moment you decide to play for real money, the odds go back in favor of the casinos. And of course, this act is not limited to Blackjack.

Best Online Casinos For Playing Blackjack In The Philippines

If you are interested in playing online blackjack games in the Philippines and looking for a legitimate and reputable casino online to put your money into, below are some credible Philippine-based casino websites you can try out. We highly recommend these sites because they are tested and trusted.

  • 888 Casinos
  • Interops
  • BitStarz
  • 22Bets
  • 1xbet
  • 777 Casinos

How We Select The Best Blackjack Casino Sites For You

According to research, it was obtained that there are more than 14,000 online blackjack websites on the internet. You will agree with me that this is indeed a very mind-blowing statistic. With this vast pool of blackjack websites and the solid knowledge that most of these casinos are rigged and illegal, there comes the need for players to be able to separate the wheat from the chaffs in the process of deciding which casino is worth playing at.

Therefore, in our reviews, the following are looked into:

  1. Variety of blackjack games: With a variety of blackjack games offered by a casino website comes more gaming options for blackjack players. More gaming options translate to more entertainment for players. Since 21 is played for its fun, the need for many game options by online casinos cannot be overemphasized. such as blackjack party, 3d Blackjack, and the professional blackjack series, among many others.
  2. Betting limits: betting limits are an excellent way to determine how much a casino have the interest of their players at heart. Good casinos will allow you to bet as low as 0.10 and a maximum of up to $300,000 in one bet. This way, players with small bankroll balance can easily participate in the game and not feel segregated.
  3. Mobile compatibility: Since many blackjack players spend more time on their smartphones nowadays, there is a great need for online casinos to develop mobile compatible software for their players. This factor will enable gamblers to gain access to the game wherever they are.
  4. Software providers: Software providers are responsible for developing gaming software for online casinos. The software is the foundation of every top-rated online Casinos. Although the survival of a good casino online depends mostly on the affiliates and the players, the most significant factor remains with their software providers and gaming software.
  5. Security and fairness: this is one of the most important factors we consider when giving recommendations. Security and integrity of an online casino determine what you get out of the game. Only an irrational person will entrust his money with a casino known for rigging its players.
  6. Bonuses and Promotions: Good casino platforms are known for their attractive bonuses and promotional offers extended to both new and old players.
  7. Quick payouts: Gambling becomes more exciting with fast withdrawal processing. Hence, the reason why we also consider this factor in recommending the right blackjack casino online to gamblers.

Cards Value In Blackjack

blackjack hands

The value of blackjack cards is attributable to their pip value, which is two through ten. The face cards like the King, Queen, and Jack all have a value of 10. Meanwhile, the Aces, as a rule, can be worth 1 or 11.

A hand’s value is the addition of the card’s worth. There are two types, namely- the hard hands and the soft hands.

The soft hand holds an Ace counted as eleven rather than one. To expound further, when a hand is dealt, and an Ace appears with a six, it is regarded as soft 17. At this point, drawing another card doesn’t affect the hand i.e., the hand drawn can’t be rendered incomplete or busted. The Ace is designated 1 rather than 11 the moment a player draws 10. Consequently, we already know that Ace has a value of one, and any further draw at this stage could end in a bust, and a hard 17 is obtained.

How To Play Blackjack

blackjack table

By following these guides, you will be equipped with partially complete knowledge of how to play blackjack games and even make some money in the course of playing.

  1. Pick someone to be the dealer.
  2. The dealer shuffles the card.
  3. place your bet. Players can bet more or bet less, depending on whether they think they can have a set of cards whose total value outweighs that of the dealer.
  4. Each player is dealt with two cards, to begin with. The players’ cards should be laid face up while the dealer’s first card be laid face down and the second card face-up.
  5. The dealer then gives each player, starting to the left of him/herself, the options to either hit or stand.
  6. This is done the moment all players are gone. Now, the dealer then hits until the players reach at least 17, after which he/she is required to stand.

Blackjack Strategies

After dealing the cards, you will have many options to play and here they are:


Always hit a hard 12 against the dealer’s 2 or 3 Upcard. Most players shy away from this strategy because of fear; however, you are bound to lose money against a dealer’s 2 or 3 Upcard, regardless of whether you stand or hit. Nevertheless, you will lose less money by hitting.

Double Down

Always double down when you hold a hard 11 against any of the dealer’s Upcard after the dealer deals two cards. However, you are better off hitting against the dealer’s Ace instead of doubling down if you are playing a multi-deck game (where the rules specify the dealer should stand on soft 17).


Always surrender hard 16 against the dealer’s 9, 10, or Ace Upcard. Similarly, surrender hard 15 against the dealer’s 10 Upcard. This strategy saves you money by minimizing losses.


Never make the insurance bet when the dealer’s Upcard is an Ace, not even when you are dealt a 19 or 20 hand. The reason is that the pay-off for the insurance bet is less than the dealer’s odds of possessing a blackjack.

Blackjack Games You Can Enjoy Online

Are you looking for the blackjack games with which you can entertain yourself online? See below for some recommendations.

  • European Blackjack
  • American 21
  • Classic Multi-hand Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is similar to the actual blackjack game in terms of experience, but different in that it is carried out through a live HD video streaming. Online live dealer blackjack can be played through smartphones or laptop computers or desktops, whichever one you have available at your disposal. In this case, gamblers are connected and can communicate with the dealer. At the same time, players can also visualize from their end every hand being dealt by the dealer in real-time.

Playing Blackjack Online For Free

This demo is mainly for beginners with little or no knowledge of how blackjack gaming works. With blackjack demo, a player can understand the gameplay and, at the same time, use the privilege to try his hands on the various blackjack gaming strategies available. Constant practice using free Blackjack online will help you win more and lose less.

The History Behind Blackjack

Although Blackjack’s origin is still subject to debate, most researchers decided that Blackjack perhaps originated in the French casino in the 18th century. Back then, the French cards were referred to as “Vingt-et-Un,” which means “Twenty-one.”

Besides the various versions of the French cards, the admiration of the card games extended through North America and made it to the American shore in the 18th century with the aid of the French colonists.

After the game became more prominent in America, in 1820, the game was first played in New Orleans at the resort of the legalized gambling hall. Interestingly, the rules were different compared to the novel blackjack- back then, only the dealer can double.

In Nevada, during the 20th century, the card game was still referred to as 21. Later on, there was a need to promote the game by the gambling halls and casinos. Bonus payouts were offered to encourage people to play the game. A special bonus was also given to players from which the name Blackjack was derived. A player obtains this special bonus after receiving a combo of Black jack and an ace of spades.


What is Online Blackjack?

It is merely the replica of the real-life card game played at casinos all over the world on the internet.

How does Online Blackjack Work?

It involves the player (single-player or multi-player) versus the casino, which acts as the dealer. The cards are chosen using a Random Number Generator (RNG) software. To play the game, you will be asked to place a chip and dealt your hand.

Where to Play Online Blackjack?

The following are online casino sites we recommend for you.

  • 888 Casinos
  • Interops
  • BitStarz
  • 22Bets
How Fair is Online Blackjack?

It depends on the online casino you play at. You have no reason to doubt if you play at a reputable casino.

What is the Best Online Blackjack Game?

The following are some of the best Blackjack online games.

  • European 21
  • American Blackjack
  • Classic Multi-hand Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack
How to Win Blackjack Online?

Online Blackjack can first be won by first practicing with the free Blackjack online and then implementing some strategies.

What are the Odds of Blackjack?

Odds are basically a player’s mindfulness of his chance of winning in a game. Meanwhile, compared to other casino games, Blackjack has the best potential winning odds.

How Many Decks are in Online Blackjack?

There are eight decks in the online Blackjack. Nevertheless, some online casinos utilize 6 and 8 decks of standard 52 playing cards, excluding the joker.

Can you play Blackjack for free Online?

Yes, you can. there are many free blackjack games, that you will find on the internet and on our site.

What Does Counting Cards Mean in Blackjack?

Card counting is a blackjack gaming strategy used to predict whether the subsequent hand will favor the player or the dealer. It enables a player to make an informed guess based on the composition of the cards left with the dealer.

How to Count Cards?

These can be divided into four steps:

  1. Allot a value to all the cards.
  2. Consistently follow the count based on the cards that have already been dealt.
  3. Use this info to estimate the count per deck.
  4. Base your next betting decision on the calculated count per deck.

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